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Recent projects:



Data Analysis and Reporting

I can analyse your data and visualize it for reporting. I mainly use R statistical computing package.


Design and Illustrations

I create vector and raster digital graphics: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Occasionally, I do old-fashioned hand-drawing.



I have experience in 2D character animation, as well as animating logos.


Web Design and Front-End

I can design and build your website from scratch. Focussing on front end.

Explore my portfolio page to see services.

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I am a young professional currently working as a freelance designer, data visualizer and developer. I've been trained as a structural engineer (with an appreciation for architectural aspirations) and my work experience includes design engineering as well as BIM implementation in the construction sector. However, with the insights gathered both from managing BIM data and carrying out my thesis research focused on urban sustainability measurements, my main interest has now shifted to data science and evidence-based creative design.

Whereas good art is meant to impress, good design also has to funtion well. My goal is to produce effective, straightforward and long-lasting solutions that are tailored to work, hence my approach is rather analytical. Check out my skills section for more information, discover my recent projects or contact me if you have any queries or project proposals!


This little timeline sums up my professional and educational career.

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Fortunately, I was born.


Co-founded the Three Little Pigs, a science education company conducting shows for children.


Graduated from High School: Hugo Treffner Gymnasium, Maths and Physics Class, Tartu, Estonia


Summer jobs in construction and public sector in Estonia. Focus on BIM implementation and Revit modelling.


Graduated from the University of Edinburgh: BEng Structural Engineering with Architecture (Hons).


Started a freelancer career. First major projects include data visualisation and web development for the Human Development Report for Estonia.


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