engineering student; freelance graphic designer


A structural engineering student with a wide range of interests ranging from engineering and architecture to sports, graphic design, animation and sustainable development. Currently exploring web design.

Founder of a company promoting science among Estonian kids and co-author of few mobile games.

Fan of data science, solar panels, timber construction, urban planning, local communities and my dog. Possibly starting a blog soon.

Not a fan of fashion, olives and fossil fuels.



2014 - ... University of Edinburgh. Structural Engineering with Architecture.

The programme combines a focus on structural engineering with an appreciation of the architectural context. Builds on many fundamental concepts of civil and environmental engineering including the application of scientific knowledge and modern engineering tools. Architectural design and technologies are also taught.

2011 - 2014 Hugo Treffner Gymnasium. Mathematics and physics class.

School curriculum with emphasis on mathematics and physics. Graduated with silver medal.


2017 - Kodumaja Projekteerimise OÜ. Assistant Design Engineer.

The company specialises in multi-storey modular timber frame buildings. I worked as an assistant design engineer, building and analysing 3D Revit models of several multi-storey residential houses. I also helped to strategically develop BIM implementation in the company with a goal of optimizing production and design processes.

2016 - Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication. Intern.

Summer internship in Public sector. My task was to research and analyse BIM strategies in order to accelerate BIM implentation in the country's construction sector.

2015 - Nordecon AS. Intern.

I worked as assistant design engineer. Helped to build a 3D Revit model of a commercial office building.

2013 - 2014 - OÜ Kolm Põrsakest. Co-founder.

I am a co-founder of a science promoting company mainly conducting science shows and workshops for children. Kolm Põrsakest won the Company of the Year award in JA-YE Europe Student Company of the Year competition. My tasks included all the design work and illustrations, organizing shows and managing the personal as well as performing in the shows. As a board member I took part in strategic planning and overall development of the company


2017 - 2018 - Estonian Defence Forces. Team head.

I am currently still serving as part of the compulsory military service in Estonia. Graduated as the best soldier from the 3 month long Soldier's Basic Course and became the team head in a radio-link team.

2015 - 2017 - Edinburgh Estonian Society. President

I was the treasurer and committee member of the society in 2015-16 academic year, managing the finances and taking part in organising different events. In 2016 I was elected the president of the society, leading the society's every-day work and representing Estonians living in Edinburgh.


I have worked on several projects ranging from game graphics and animation to graphic design and classical painting. I design logos, posters, web banners, build websites and create illustrations. I also draw, paint and occasionaly write something. Open for commisions, just ask! Some of my work is showcased on my portfolio page: