Pigs might fly!

Pigs might fly! is a science-themed mobile game for iOS and Android systems. I created the game graphics with all the animations and illustrations. The game can be downloaded for free from iTunes or Google Play stores.

Find out more HERE.


An infinite game created on Unity platform. Most of the animations are made with Unity's built-in tools. The game is still in development.

The Hooded Archer

A level-based archery puzzle game created on Unity platform with simple sprite animations. The Hooded Archer was my first 2D game graphics project.





Three Little Pigs science illustrations

I have produced digital illustrations for a science-promoting company for a couple of years. Following are some examples of my work as well as a short timelapse video showcasing the work progress.

Digital paintings

I have also produced full-size digital paintings for game concepts or just for fun.


Yoda - acrylic painting

Yoda was a spontaneous project that grew out of an idea to do something interesting with a piece of cardboard that my flatmate's IKEA desk came in in Edinburgh. We considered making life-sized statues of some of our friends but as the cardboard wasn't large enough to make a human figure, we ended up with an idea of making a poster of Yoda from Star Wars. The poster turned out to be just an arcylic painting.

Pencil drawing - Portraits

I occasionaly grab a pencil and try my hand in old-fashioned drawing. Below are two examples of portrait drawings I have made.

WEBSITES is a website created for myself with a purpose of introducing my work and experience. The page is written from scratch using html 5 and CSS3. Added functionality with JavaScript.